Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peter Petunia

So I wound up taking my rooster back to the feed store a week and a half ago.

As I was waiting to speak to the owner, I noticed a man with his family edging closer to see what I had in my cat carrier.

"Hey," he said finally.  "Is that a buff orpington?"

"Yes sir."

"Is it a rooster?"

"Yes sir."

"So... what are you doing with him?"

I explained that he was sold to me as a pullet, but since mother nature likes throwing wrenches into our plans, and I cannot keep roosters where I live, the owner of the store was taking him back to find him a home for me.

Turns out, they were there to ask her to find them a rooster for their flock of buff orpingtons!

So PetuniaPeter immediately went to his new home with 17 girlfriends.  :)

Here's Peter at his new home.  :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I was afraid of this...

One of my Buff Orpingtons is a rooster.  :(

Petunia has turned out to be Peter.  This is my favorite chicken, and by law, I am not allowed to keep roosters.

I called up to the feed store where I bought them, and the woman told me that she's actually got a waiting list of people looking for roosters, so hopefully, he can be rehomed before he starts to crow and upset my neighbors.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden Update 2.0

On Saturday, The Architect and I rented a little trailer and went over to Bubba's house to relieve him of his compost pile.

We spread it on the garden, and today I limed since it's supposed to rain here in a few hours.  I've begun to harden off the plants, and I hope to plant them this weekend.

I'm working from home full time now, and at first, I had a hard time making the change.  I just kind of felt... lost.  Couldn't get a groove.  I'm doing great now and much happier (despite a few annoyances due to the bureaucracy of getting the proper paperwork to make a business legitimate) to be at home with all the animals and cooking more.  I'm slowly starting to learn how to coupon.

I sold three of my chinchillas, leaving me with three.  I used to breed and show them, but I had a hard time finding good buyers, so I kept my last six as pets.  Since I've been getting into the more self-sufficient mindset, I wanted to downsize on the number of chinchillas I had since they were animals I was feeding who weren't producing for me.

Now the three I've sold have gone to a great home, and I have time to love the three I have left.  I also have a free cage to use as a grow-out cage for when I get rabbits.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the warmer weather.  :)