Saturday, April 16, 2011

I was afraid of this...

One of my Buff Orpingtons is a rooster.  :(

Petunia has turned out to be Peter.  This is my favorite chicken, and by law, I am not allowed to keep roosters.

I called up to the feed store where I bought them, and the woman told me that she's actually got a waiting list of people looking for roosters, so hopefully, he can be rehomed before he starts to crow and upset my neighbors.


  1. I'd be terrified to do it myself, and I've never heard of anyone around here doing it.

    And while the law said nothing about capons... eeenggh... I'm just hoping to find him a new home.

  2. That's pretty cool of your local feed store to offer keeping a list of those wanting roosters for customers! Great idea. Can help a lot! I have Buff Orps, myself. I ended up with 4 Roos and found homes for all but 1 of them. I've now had to separate him from the girls to keep the peace and keep the eggs coming. He was beginning to refuse letting them go in to lay their eggs and eat. Feeling an urge to prove He was "Alpha" over the one that brings the feed and cleans the house. LOL Trust me. You will enjoy the harmony!

  3. Aww That sucks you got a rooster. But I'm glad the feed store can help you rehome him.