Thursday, August 26, 2010


Something occurred to me yesterday afternoon...

I tend to suffer from mild seasonal affective disorder. It's actually worse this time of year when the daylight begins to change and the days grow shorter.

Even during the summer, I would usually suffer from it and get depressed and moody. The Architect would always know the problem and make sure I went to the tanning bed.

I have to admit; I am a bit of a recluse, a homebody. I go to work, I come home, I cook dinner and go to bed. I don't typically spend much time out doors, especially during the sweltering heat of the Georgia summer.

However, I think the last time I went to the tanning bed was in March. The past few years, I'd go to the tanning bed about once or twice a month to stave off my S.A.D.

...but I haven't had to go ONCE over the course of this whole summer.

Having a garden to care for and fret over has FORCED me to spend time outside, even if it's only 5-10 minutes a day.

So thank you, Mother Nature, my garden, and that big ol' sphere of burning gas way up out there for keeping me happy and healthy.


  1. Oh, boy, I can relate! I figured out many years ago that I am prone to sadness and depression in the winter. Back then, there was no name for it.

    I have psoriasis, and part of the treatment plan in the past was to visit the tanning bed on occasion. I noticed after a few visits that I felt revived afterward, dare I say happy. I don't visit the tanning beds anymore. I do not spend enough time outdoors. I do have the container garden, though, which forces some outdoor time. I take breaks during the work day and sit outside in the sun, too, which helps. I wish you the best as we approach the winter months and shorter days.

  2. I honestly think 90% of our "modern" problems are caused by our modern lifestyle. Now I'm not a Luddite, and I love (and make my living with) technology. But we really need, as humans, to get back to the basics a little bit.

    We can easily have all the benefits of the modern life without the bulk of the downsides if we're just a little selective about it.