Monday, September 6, 2010

Get Home Bags and Bug Out Bags...

The Architect's BOB and my GHB on top of it.
Happy Labor Day!  I hope everyone is having a safe, lovely weekend.

The Architect had placed an order last week, and it arrived on Friday. 

We received a pair of MOLLE packs and a shoulder pack for me, as a MOLLE pack will not fit in my tiny 2-seater convertible (yes, a big ol' pick-up truck will be my next vehicle purchase ASAP).

I work 18 miles from my home, the Architect twice that.  If something happens while we're at work (an EMP, for example), it's not going to be a peachy walk in the park getting home.

First of all, I carry no less than $20 in cash with me at all times.  If the CVS next door to my work cannot run a credit card, I can at least throw cash at them for as much water and food as I can carry.

One of my next purchases needs to be a holster for my pistol - I'd prefer a shoulder rig.

Anyway- I've looked over Google Earth, and there really aren't any shortcuts by foot on my way home.

So my Get-Home-Bag has been populated by energy bars, water, an extra magazine for my pistol, a poncho, an emergency blanket, some glow sticks, waterproof matches, and a magnesium fire starter.  I doubt I can fit much more into it, and I need to figure out how to fit some socks and toilet paper in it.

As for the big MOLLE bags, those will be saved for if we have to get out of here in a hurry (Bug Out Bag/Get Out of Dodge bag).

The Architect has already put his sleeping bag (another purchase I need to make) and other survival gear into his, and has already begun looking for modifications for the bags themselves.  He's already talking about a hydration pack for them.  Ha.

Does anyone else keep a Get Home bag with them?


  1. Why not try a flat of baby wipes instead of a roll of toilet paper? They have additional uses and take up less space...

  2. Wouldn't be a whole roll regardless... I'll just take a big ol' wad. But your idea is better. :)

  3. Molle bags are great. Mr. Homesteader swears by them after his deployment. I will suggest for your bug out bags a Benchmade knife. Mr. Homesteader took one with him on a 15 month deployment, used it, and while he watched K-Bars break, other knives dull, etc. The Benchmade knife stood up to it all. It's a very useful and versatile tool.

  4. Thank you for the suggestion. I've asked The Architect for a knife for Christmas - I will definitely check out the Benchmade.

    Take care!