Saturday, October 23, 2010


The Architect and I loaded up the dogs and went for a drive up in the North Georgia mountains today.  I just absolutely adore the beauty and wisdom of autumn.

Seeing all the pretty farms along the roads makes me ache for a farm of my own away from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburban life and away from the obnoxious "thump thump" of some punk's bass as he drives by our road at night.

I know we'll eventually get our farm and I'll have chickens, and rabbits, and goats, and sheep, and horses... but part of me is stomping my feet and crying and whining for it now.


  1. Know the feeling all too well - I already live in the country, but getting the $ for the rest of the dream, well... But yes, I want my homestead, and I want it NOW! But I know it's gonna be a couple years....

    Isn't fall, beautiful, though?

  2. I just ran accross your blog today.

    I can so relate to your feeling. That was me a few years ago. Taking a drive in the country was my idea of a good time, but it always left me with an ache, even as I was drinking in all the beauty around me. We live in the country now. The ache was still there (surprisingly) for the first year. I was so overwhelmed by the fact that this beautiful place was really ours. I have other things that get to me now that I'm here, like bethanial11 says, but wow it's so great to be living here. It is worth making sacrifices for.

    Gracie Wray