Sunday, October 17, 2010

Odds n Ends

In doing some cleaning today, I cleared up some of our empty juice bottles off the counter.  The Architect and I keep them to fill with water and put in the freezer we have downstairs.  I rearranged the bottles already there and counted to see how much water we have.  Looks to be about a week's worth, but that's only for The Architect and myself - I must continue putting some away for the dogs, too.

Logan and Blaze are on our prep list, too.  I know some people may think it's silly to spend time, energy, and space on a pet, but we think the dogs would be valuable in a SHTF situation.

As Akitas, the dogs are large and intimidating.  Logan, especially, would not hesitate to protect me if I needed it.  They are also large enough to carry supplies (we're getting them packs from for Christmas), and pull loads (harnesses from will come later).  Akitas were bred as bear hunters, and I've seen the way these two handle the backyard wildlife, so I'm confident they'd be capable hunters.

The Architect and I have also begun walking at least three times a week.  It's a prep that, until recently, we have severely overlooked.  If we had to get up and go, we wouldn't get too far, especially if we had to carry a BOB.

On Wednesday, Crash, The Architect, and I went to the Georgia National Fair and had a great time.  We were there more specifically to see the Feathered Horse Classic show which showcased Friesians and Gypsy cobs.

There were many more Gypsies than Friesians on the day we went, but it was a pleasure regardless.  This particular bunch of horse people are super friendly and happy to answer questions about their breed and let you pet their horses.

We don't have horses yet, but hope to in the relatively near future.  We love draft types, and I had a brief stint with a mustang rescue, and I fell in love with  them and their hardiness.

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.  :)


  1. When you start looking at draft horses, check out the Percheron. Lovely, even tempered animal, smart and as a bit smaller than Belgians or Clydesdales they are a tad less expensive to feed! I am partial to a dapple gray myself.
    I prep for my dogs as well. My girl, Siona, has proved her worth time and again the past 5 years!

  2. Hi, Lamb!
    Actually, we're quite partial to Percherons and Percheron mixes.
    When I used to take riding lessons, I rode a Percheron/Quarter horse mare. Loved her!

    Take care! Give Siona a pat on the head for me. :)