Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More rabbit saga.

The more I learn about the rex rabbits, the more frustrating it is.  It seems some color combinations have a lethal proponent to them, so now not only do I have to actually FIND A LOCAL BREEDER, I also have to find a PAIR of rabbits (preferrably unrelated), and that pair of rabbits must not be colors that can be bred together.

I think I give up on the rex idea.

I really DON'T want a white rabbit.  I know that New Zealands come in red and black at least.

I do like the look of silver foxes, though, and there looks like there's a breeder closeby, and another that advertises in the Farmers and Consumers bulletin.  They are a rare breed, so I hope their price doesn't keep them out of my budget.

:: HUFF ::

On the POSITIVE end of this rabbit saga, we have both cages, and The Architect just ordered a pan for the large cage.  It's a double-decker, but it's bottomless.  This makes no sense to me whatsoever.  I was told it was made as an outside hutch, but rabbits burrow. 

At least I have time.  I'm not in any rush, so I can take my time to research these breeds and talk to breeders.

I can't believe how wonderfully helpful everyone on Homesteading Today has been.  I've learned so many more details than the books I've been reading have told me.


  1. Hi, I'm from Homesteading Today. I love reading people's blogs so I clicked yours. lol

    Anyway, what are you looking for in rabbits? Maybe there are other breeds that would suit your needs and be more readily available?

  2. Hi April!

    I've begun looking at the Silver Foxes. I'm looking for a dual purpose rabbit.

    I have time, I'm in no real hurry (although The Architect is getting super excited about getting rabbits).

    There's that rabbit show in Dalton in March (I'm pretty sure you were the one who told me about it :) ). I'm positive that by then, I'll be ready for rabbits and that I can find someone there who will sell me a pair of whatever breed I'll finally settle on.

  3. Yep, I mentioned the Dalton show. It is pretty close to my house so I go every year. It's actually a large show and exhibitors come from states away.

    As it gets closer to the show, maybe a few weeks before the date, you could email the show secretary and ask if anyone has entered the breeds you want. They *may* be willing to give you the breeders' names so you can contact them ahead of time.

    Not all breeders bring rabbits to sell at shows, but many do. If someone has your breed but nothing for sale, get their business card.

  4. Thank you so much for your help!