Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chick update #3

It's gorgeous outside so we took the chicks out for a few minutes.

Blaze desperately wanted to play with them.  Not that I would ever let her do so, but I honestly think she just wants to play and wouldn't hurt them on purpose.

The chicks are growing like weeds, and are starting to tame a little bit.  I got them to eat mealworms out of my hand today, and they're doing better about being handled. 

I've noticed that their little "voices" are starting to change, too.

We've changed Chaps' name, since both the araucanas are developing tails.  We've decided on the name "Norway," since there's a running joke in the house that The Architect thinks that anything with ear tufts is a Norwegian Forest Cat, and one of the araucanas has very distinct ear tufts.  :)


  1. My weener dog will guard chicks with her life. Even against our St. Bernard!

  2. WOW the chicks are growing so fast! Blaze is so beautiful. Look at her being all mother-hen ;)

  3. One of the chicks got to sit on Blazes back last night. I think once they are "chicken sized" she'll consider them friends. She really adores these things.

  4. Hello, I was wondering what ever became of you.

    How have you been?