Thursday, February 24, 2011

Garden 2.0

Well, here we go!

I started some seeds yesterday.  Bush beans, tomatoes, cucumber, melon, peppers, etc.  The Architect and I are totally going gung-ho this year and making a much larger garden than what we had.

Bubba and Crash have offered to give me a bunch of their compost, so we'll be attaining that in a couple weeks to till in.  After that, I've got to lime.  I didn't lime the garden last year, but it still did very well. 

One other thing I didn't do last year that I meant to do was to mulch.  I'm going to make sure that I mulch my garden this year.  Weeding what little I had last year was bad enough, and now we're making it bigger?  Ugh, my back would absolutely rebel.

I still need to get a couple window boxes so I can keep salad greens and broccoli in the house since they tend to not do so well in the summer heat.

The Architect built me this awesome seed starter/light box for my seeds.

It's made from PVC and has two 120 watt grow lights.  All the parts were about $80, and took us about an hour to put together.

Unfortunately, the way our house is situated, none of our windows get direct sunlight, so the light box is kind of imperative.  I hope it works out.


  1. What great timing! I've been debating exactly how we were going to get the grow lights on the seedlings I started yesterday & now I have an answer; pvc framework!

    Thanks for this post. Blogs rock, don't they!

  2. Yes they do! :) I'm glad this helped!

  3. Going to post a link on my blog today to this page...hope you don't mind!

    Just message me if it's a problem & I'll take it down.

  4. Don't mind at all! We're flattered! :)