Sunday, March 6, 2011

As an aside...

...I am COMPLETELY baffled at the number of people who do not understand that you don't need a rooster for hens to lay eggs.


  1. I got one up on you.....somebody asked me "WHY" you needed roosters. Not as in, "why do you keep a rooster around if you're not going to hatch eggs", but what is the purpose of a rooster. Really. Guess somebody told her that you don't need roosters to get eggs (which is true, and I usually get the same question as you do) so she figured you didn't need roosters at ALL.

    It's sad. This is just one example of how very, very far people have run away from the real necessities of life. Water, food, shelter.

    Water? Just turn on the faucet.
    Food? Just go to the Quickie Mart.
    Shelter? Just mortgage your life away for 30+ years for an overlarge, overpriced 3,500 sf home.

    It saddens me.

  2. Don't even get me started on that subject! I couldn't believe how many people thought that too. Even older people who you would have asumed they grew up with chickens.

  3. You can never assume people know these things. Many people have no idea where their food comes from. I had a teacher that thought all cows were dairy cows. He didn't know there were specfic breeds for milking and specific breeds that are better for beef. It really saddens me too. I had a neighbor freaking out because her chicken started laying eggs. She thought she was going to have to raise babies because she must have been bred by a "wild" rooster! I laughed for days over that one. Seriously where do people think their eggs come from?? few years ago we had a bad ice storm and ended up without power for over 2 weeks- we survived just fine--others thought it was the end of the world. I still think it is funny when I think about it.

  4. Oh! I had a gentleman argue with me that it's a proven fact that brown eggs are better for you than white. I told him that the color of the egg makes no difference, it's what the birds are fed and if they free range for a more natural food source. He got mad, yelled at me that I was ignorant and quit buying eggs from us! ( our eggs are either brown or green)* Giggle*

  5. Eeesh. Y'all's anecdotes make me weep for the human race.

  6. LOL!!! I loved Barefoots comment about the 'wild Rooster!" I was told by an elderly farmer you NEED ah rooster because they protect the dumb hens. He then said the rooster sees danger and crows and the chickens will run for cover. He smiled and said a Rooster keeps the hens happy also ;-) Ya well so I still have my two roos and my hens are happy ;-)

  7. We have a psychotic rooster named Red. Do we NEED Red to get eggs? Nope. BUT...Red has successfully defended his *girls* against stray dogs, snakes, etc.
    Besides...he keeps me *on my toes*...ignore him at your peril! He thinks the two legged creatures bringing food and water are ALSO a threat and attempts to attack us accordingly!

  8. Perhaps you should ask them if they ovulate whether or not a man is around? (Probably wouldn't know the answer to that either...)

  9. For the moment, my chickens will be in an enclosed coop/run, so I HOPE they'll be safe without the protection of a rooster.

    I know the dogs tend to run anything out of the yard that doesn't belong there, but they're not outside full time.

    When we get a much larger piece of land, I plan on having a rooster or two for the hens to raise chicks.

    And Mandi... yeah, they probably wouldn't know. :: SIGH ::