Monday, March 28, 2011

Chickie house

The Architect and I put together the girls' house yesterday.  It's a Chick-n-Villa made by WARE manufacturing, the same company that made the rabbit hutches I bought.

It's super cute and was easy as pie to put together.

There's a few modifications it needs.  It needs a door for the henhouse.  We already swapped out the latches to ones that are more raccoon-proof.  We already know that we're going to extend the run out a good few feet.

We've got a bit of a cool front right now, and the girls have been in the house since we got them.  They stayed outside for a little while yesterday, but I could tell they were cold.  It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I think they can stay outside for the majority of the day.


  1. What lucky birdies!! I've been wanting to make a Chicken Condo for my Silkies. My standard size chickens get to free range, but I'm afraid the Silkies would make too easy a snack for the local hawks and they are cooped up in the barn right green grass to peck at and only sunlight from a window. Soooo sad. Glad your gals get to do some time in the sun & grass!

  2. Wow that's a really nice chicken coop! Looks like the ladies will have a very nice home