Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garden Update 1.0

I promised an update a couple days ago, and then my brain decided to short circuit and present me with a rather debilitating migraine.

For those of you who get those things on the regular, ugh, I feel for you.  I've only had maybe three in my whole lifetime, and those are more than enough.

Anyhoo, for my slightly overdue garden update, I have to admit: I think I've kind of buggered something up.

I started with the discs? Pellets?  Things?  On the left.  I neglected to leave the clear cover on it per the instructions, because I am a doofus.  However, despite being exposed to the air, I've had a mold/fungus problem with the discs.

Despite that, I still have managed a few viable seedlings - I transferred those to the stand alone peat pots furthest to the left there.  There's a few bush beans, a few cucumbers, a zucchini, and a squash.

So, while still taking care of my first set of sort-of-failure, I started another pallet of discs.  This time, I left the clear lid on them 'til stuff started sprouting.  The zucchini, squash, and cantaloupe have gone nuts.

The tomatoes are sadly lagging.  And some of these discs have mold/fungus starting to fuzz on them, too.  I don't recall having this issue last year.  It's very frustrating.

Oh, well.  At least spring has arrived.  :)

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